Month: February 2016

Who sells your event to your EXHIBITORS?

by Steve O’Keefe, InGo COOAfter I published my recent article, “Who sells your event?,”  I received calls from a few of InGo’s most successful customers. The theme was, “Nice article Steve, but you missed the most important part of the story.”  Not a little taken back, I asked what they meant.  “You focused strictly on […]

Investment Bankers to the Event Industry Tag InGo as an Innovative Event Marketing Solution

As you know from the multiple case studies we published last year, Advocate Marketing is the best, most cost effective way to build engagement and attendance at an event.  We know it, our clients know it, and more and more the industry at large is recognizing us as the technology that is changing the way […]

Who sells your event?

BEST PRACTICE IN ADVOCATE MARKETING by Stephen O’Keefe, COO, InGo Bill Lee, in his 2013 Harvard Business Review article, asks the seemingly obvious question “Who sells your products or services?”  Although most event organizers might answer “we do,” as Lee states and InGo heartily concurs, it is increasingly your customers (HBR, “How to Create True […]

InGo Awards: January Winners

For those of us working out of the InGo global headquarters just outside of Washington DC, January 2016 will be remembered as the month of Jonas and snow! But “the show must go on,” so we won’t let a little blizzard stop us from giving a shout out to January’s most outstanding events, campaigns and […]