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Social media is a rising force in marketing that is beginning to remake the world around us. To harness this force of community collaboration, it takes more than technology – it takes a change in thinking.

InGo’s social marketing and analytics platform helps our clients achieve their marketing goals. We do this by empowering their audience to build communities, turning marketing from solicitation to friends reaching out to friends.


How it works

How InGo grows your

Allows people to show their friends they are attending an event via their social media feeds

Automatically send emails to relevant network contacts to show them who is attending an event

Sends invitations to your contacts to invite them to attend the event and visit the event website

They get to the website and see even more people they know and want to know who are attending.

Displays who is attending an event on the event’s website

How they are

Social Login

Social Posting

Our peerless social search function suggests the best contacts for our social registrants to invite to an event

Incentives to send invites

“Who's in” allows the potential attendees and exhibitors to explore who's coming to your event and to see “who’s in” from their own social networks

The Facts

Average adopter network size: 525

Force multiplier

Exponential increase in “addressable audience” or “reach”

– 5,000 person event, socially enabled. 28.5% adoption equals 1,425 adopters.

– @ an avg personal network size of 525, that is a newly addressable audience of 758K or a 150x increase.

– Even at a more modest 10% adoption rate, it is a 50X increase.

Not Simply “Addressable”

Any list is addressable.

This is community –
      Their community

the wave

87% of adopters ‘announce’ their attendance to their profile

– 1,140 people will ‘announce’ their attendance

– Announcements reach 598,000 people

Not faceless...
Not paid links...
Friends and Colleagues communicating

Just the Beginning

Social network users worldwide 2011-2017

Social network users, billions

Internet users who use a social network site via any device at least once per month.


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