Pricing That Pays For Itself

InGo drives millions of B2B referrals for our customers via event marketing and content distribution

InGo helps our customers get ten times more referrals than they get today via their current manual processes. We scale these B2B referrals through our SaaS solutions unique event and content marketing capabilities.

Our pricing depends on the needs of our customers but works out to about $1 to $4 per person in your audience (per year) depending on the functionality you need and the size of your audience. Your audience size includes your customers, prospects who engage with your content and all your event attendees throughout the year. Allowing your customers and advocates to give you referrals via InGo all year long for this low price is the ideal way for companies to grow their business.

InGo helps

InGo delivers the top marketing return on investment for many of the world’s largest technology companies, media, and event companies. 

InGo makes it easy for your customers to be thought leaders, bring connections together, receive recognition, and to see who in their network is engaging with your events and content.

InGo is powered by an AI-enhanced social graph of billions of relationships, combined with seamless referral tools added to your existing registration, and content systems.


InGo Core Capabilities

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