To Enable True Digital Word-Of-Mouth Marketing
to Cut Through the Noise

The Problem

Traditional marketing is mostly noise. Sure, it has its place, but for the most part it is ineffective for the brand, and somewhere between annoying and creepy for the people it targets. When was the last time you responded to an ad, or clicked on a ‘suggested link’ or a paid-for post? Did you even notice it? And if you ever have, you’ve probably regretted it, given the inevitable tracking, re-targeting, spam, etc. spawning from that one click. Yes, it’s slick and it’s smart tech, but it also sometimes feels like digital stalking. And for the advertisers, are you really getting value out of those ads? Is that the brand experience you want conveyed to your market?

We believe there is a better way, both for brands AND their audiences. There is a way to reach your audience that is slick and smart tech AND builds your brand, and it stems from the advent of social media.

The “Social” of “Social Media Marketing”

We believe most brands are missing the opportunity in social media marketing, by ignoring the word “social” and focusing on the word “marketing.” Social media, unlike any technological breakthrough before, allows for a different mindset and a different approach.

:Traditional marketing by its nature lacks “trust.” Marketers have a vested interest in convincing people to buy, and people know that. But we trust our friends. We trust our community. Think about it. . . If you had the choice of finding out about a product or service from the manufacturer, or a friend who had experienced it, which would you trust? In the case of an event, which is the more appealing reason to attend: a 10% discount on the ticket and the promise of a stellar event, or an invitation from a friend or colleague to attend with them?

Your Audience: Targets to be Hit or Marketers to be Empowered?

Despite appearances, people on social media are NOT waiting to be marketed to. They are actually marketing themselves, their interests, their passions. InGo is dedicated to empowering that natural behavior, allowing brands to stop advertising and start Advocating.

InGo amplifies your attendee’s ability to co-market with you. We leverage socially-smart search and ranking algorithms, coupled with a low-drag user experience, to make it a natural part of what they are engaged in anyway. This combination makes it easy for them to engage in the most powerful marketing in the world, word-of-mouth marketing, powered by social media.

The results are not just super-charged event growth, but the right kind of growth, a highly engaged user base, all done in a brand-enhancing way. That is the power of InGo. Events are more meaningful, impactful and fun when you utilize the power of InGo.