Clarion Events and InGo create year-long partnership

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Partnership will take InGo to Russia and Africa for the first time
LONDON – Lisa Hannant, Group Managing Director at Clarion Events Ltd., and Michael Barnett, InGo CEO, announced a new partnership to support 17 conferences and exhibitions run by Clarion Events over the course of 2014. This partnership marks the first event integrations for InGo in Russia and Africa.
“We are excited to see real growth of our current events and to see how this big data solution will enable our customers to harness the power of social media to create a unique event experience,” said Hannant. “We are keen to use InGo to help create even more compelling shows and to gain greater insight into our core demographics and develop marketing strategies to organically grow our events.”

InGo allows social registrants to invite key people from their social networks to attend events as well as allowing you to see who in your social network has registered to attend an event.

“Clarion understands our product, and we have truly enjoyed creating this partnership with their team,” said Barnett. “We look forward to working with Clarion to use the power of social marketing and big data to enhance the attendance base of the shows.”

The InGo – Clarion partnership will cover 17 shows run by Clarion Events including Russia Offshore, Africa Energy Forum, European Gas Conference and ICE. This partnership also includes InGo’s first events in Rome, Paris, and Vienna as well.

Clarion Events can trace its roots back to 1947. In more recent times the firm has grown substantially and rapidly into the largest independent event organiser in the UK, subsequently becoming a truly global business. From just 70 employees in one office in 2004, there are now over 500 people working directly for Clarion Events from 9 offices in 9 different countries: UK; USA; UAE; Germany; Brazil; Singapore; South Africa; The Netherlands; Turkey.

Clarion Events organises more than 150 events each year across 15 different sectors in more than 30 countries across every continent. More than 12,000 companies exhibit at or sponsor their events each year and over 700,000 people give their valuable time to visit their events.

InGo allows social registrants to invite key people from their social networks to attend events. InGo’s software also allows you to see who in your social network has registered to attend an event, even as a visitor to the event’s home page.

InGo provides the Trade Show and Events industry with what they need: a way to use the immense power of the social network to grow events and make events more fun! We help our clients grow traffic and develop leads by creating communities. At an event powered by InGo, each and every attendee is given the tools they need to make the event experience their own.


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