InGo and nGage Team to Grow High-End, M6 Mobility xChange by 13%

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ARLINGTON, VA — Building on InGo’s success in the large trade show and conference events industry, M6 Mobility xChange has proven that InGo has a dramatic effect with specialized Events by leveraging the power of the Advocate attendee.
“InGo is on the cutting edge of social marketing, and it was great to see first hand how they can grow your event,” said nGage Events President and CEO, Phil McKay. “Their ability to turn registrants into Advocates is a unique tool that sets them apart, and in turn helps to grow your event.”

Each registrant that became an Advocate had the opportunity to announce their attendance to their social network via their newsfeed and personalized invitations. Because InGo quickly integrated with the Event’s Registration Platform, and customized the integration to look and feel like the Client’s Event, Advocates were comfortable reaching out to their Social Network Contacts and inviting them to attend the event as well.

“The power of the Advocate attendee continues to drive impressive results. When a Registrant has the opportunity to sign on socially, it is the first step to growing any sized event,” said Barnett.

Thus far, due to their unique marketing strategies, InGo has grown M6 Mobility xChange by 13%, empowering 27% of the registrants to sign on socially using InGo. These registrants have sent 82 personal invites to social connections and posted 29,449 trusted impressions to their networks.

nGage Events ( is the leading producer of host based invitation-only business events. Our events bring together leading vendors with qualified decision makers in an exclusive and intimate environment. Our 1:1 appointments, case study presentations, boardroom meetings, and networking opportunities provide a unique business experience to maximize our clients’ time and productivity. Combined with peer-to-peer interaction and content delivered by industry thought leaders, we provide cutting edge information and strategies that can impact your business today.

The team at nGage Events has successfully produced over 200 events across all market sectors using this distinctive format which guarantees access to key contacts in a private setting, fosters new relationships, improves existing ones, builds partnerships, and accelerates the sales process. Our mission is to build communities through face-to-face events and real time constant connection via virtual and social media networks, to inspire and “change the events paradigm.”

M6 Mobility xChange ( is the longest running hosted enterprise mobility summit focused exclusively on bringing an executive audience together to discuss strategy, policy, and solutions to advance their business objectives. M6 is an invitation-only, hosted summit designed for senior managers and business executives who want to understand how current and future mobile technology and trends will impact their business and investment decisions. M6 will offer strategic level insights into how these investments will improve workforce productivity, operational efficiency, customer experience and service.

InGo ( provides the trade show and events industry with what they need: a way to use the immense power of the social network to make events more fun! We help our clients grow traffic and develop leads by enabling audiences to create communities. At an event powered by InGo, each and every attendee is given the tools they need to make the event experience their own.



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