InGo Doubling Event Attendance

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Double Your Attendance

After growing nearly 200 events worldwide, InGo is on pace to double the attendance of many of our clients’ events within the short span of five years.  These events have been organized by UBM, Hanley Wood, Reed, Emerald, and Clarion amongst others — and all have turned to InGo for the purpose of driving higher attendance and more relevant attendees to their events. (Experience InGo Here!)

How does InGo do it?

InGo helps event organizers grow their shows by creating Advocates. Advocates are people who love the event and engage their social network to spread the word about their attendance through personalized invitations and posts.  Many of the best Advocates have strong, tightly connected networks of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.  The influence of these VIP advocates bring dozens – if not more – to register.

Advocates are powerful in three ways:

1) They bring entirely new people. Every advocate knows people, who are not on any marketing or campaign list.  These people are otherwise completely “untouched” by the event organizer.  

2) They affect last year’s attendee return. If on average a past attendee has a 50% chance of coming back this year, once an Advocate invites them, they have a 65% chance of coming back next year, and that number keeps growing as more of their contacts invite them.  This alone can grow a show by 15%.

3) They Increase conversion from pre-registration to attendance. In many ways, this may be an Advocate’s most important contribution.  All of a sudden, people are attending to see the event and their friends.  Advocates bring a personal investment and a personal excitement that goes beyond business to draw people to attend.

The Advocate in essence becomes your ‘Marketing Ace’ — encouraging relevant people in their social network to attend your event.  For events where we empower thousands of Advocates, the effect is compounded and the ensuing results can be staggering. Next year, some of our clients will see tens of thousands of attendees brought to their events thanks to InGo.  Hopefully you will be one.


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InGo was awarded a Top 100 Event Planning Blog Award by Feedspot in 2017.