How To Grow Events, Part 3: Social Emails

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First of all, thank you for all of your feedback and interest so far regarding our “How To Grow Events” series!

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Event Growth

Today we cover our Social Emails strategy with another one of our superb Growth Experts, Michael Hayde. If your event sees a significant amount of “walk-up” or on-site registrants, today’s topic should be of interest to you.

Before we dive in, here are the excellent events that InGo started growing this week:

Blog 1

Hello, this is Michael, InGo Event Growth Team member! Thanks for checking out our “How to Grow Events” series. What I love about Social Emails is that this strategy taps into the heart of InGo’s vision: using social media to make events more interesting and meaningful. Attendees at events want to see, learn, and network in a fun setting with people they know of want to get to know better. To paraphrase my favorite actor/director, “an event without laughter is an event wasted.”


Simply put: Social Emails alert qualified, potential attendees
that their friends and colleagues plan to attend an event.


Here’s how the strategy works in three steps:
(with pictures!)


1. InGo generates a Social Email that has two parts.  The first part of the email allows for easy sign-on with Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Event organizer sends this email to the Event’s registrants.  Registrants can then sign on and post to the social network.  Often, an event organizer will set an incentive for registrants to sign-on socially.

Check out the first half of the example Social Email generated for  Emerald Expositions’ KBIS 2015.

blog 2


2.  The second part of the Social Email highlights who has registered to attend the event. The “See Who’s Coming” link shows the registrant who else plans to attend. The registrant can then see who in their social network plans to attend.


blog 3

3. Registrants that click on a link in the Social Email go to a customized Event Landing Page.  On this page, the registrant can see who plans to attend and can invite his or her social network contacts to attend the event.


 blog 4

On average, we see a dramatic increase in Event Size when
Event Organizers use Social Emails to market their Event
We measure every time a registrant sends an invitation or posts to the social network through InGo. Check out the dramatic spike in social network activity due to an InGo Social Email campaign.
blog 5


If you are looking for a way to drive up your attendance for an event, a Social Email can help you achieve your goal. After some quick configurations on InGo’s part, these emails help your attendees to take your event viral!

Thanks for the time – we look forward to growing your event soon!

– Michael Hayde
InGo’s Event Growth Team



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