4 Ways to Use the New Apple Watch for Events

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This is a guest post written by Dean Ronnie of Conference Care.

Event planners are constantly on the lookout for technologies that can help them create a better event experience. In fact, the events industry is often one of the earliest adopters when it comes to new technology. Whether it’s in the form of bespoke apps, automated check-in technology or real-time video streaming, event professionals will take notice.

The expected launch of the Apple Watch is creating a buzz in the technology world, but will the device be useful in the events space? I believe the answer is yes! Here’s four ways it will bring convenience and productivity for both organizers and attendees.

1. Push notifications

Push notifications have long been a feature of iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, but are set to become even more powerful with the release of the Apple Watch. Event planners can use push notifications to inform attendees of talks that are due to take place, remind attendees to visit a particular stand and generally keep them updated throughout the event. Now, rather than being displayed on an iPhone that is buried in an attendee’s pocket or under the cover on their iPad, these notifications will arrive right to their watch.

2. Easy Access to Check-in and Payment

With the advancements in Near Field Communication (NFC), the Apple Watch will be equipped with Apple’s new Apple Pay Service, allowing attendees to pay using their Apple Watch. Organizers and vendors will to be able to easily accept payments for products or services at the event and attendees will not have the hassle of carrying cash or even credit cards.

In addition to contact-less payment, NFC could also be utilized for easier event entry. No longer would attendees with Apple Watches have to rely on paper tickets for events or wait while organizers find their details in a database. Apple’s Passbook App will allow attendees to store their tickets right where they need them, on their wrist.

3. Gamification

Gamification is a growing trend in the events industry and by utilizing the Apple Watch’s in-built fitness tracker and other technologies, there will be expanded possibilities for organizers and even exhibitors to develop unique games to engage attendees. This not only makes for a more fun and social attendee experience, but can also help track where attendees have been and what they have seen, providing valuable data for event planners.

4. Remote Functionality for Presentations

The Apple Watch’s proposed remote functionality of Apple TV and iTunes will also bring with it benefits to event speakers. Allowing for a more natural presentation, speakers will be able to play and stop music, slides and videos all with a touch of their wrist.

Will you be buying an Apple Watch? Tell us your plans in the comment section below!

About Dean Ronnie: Working on behalf of Conference Care in the UK, Dean Ronnie writes passionately on the subject of events and in particular, event technology. With a strong interest in technology, Dean is constantly investigating the ways in which technology can transform events and help us further engage our delegates.



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