4 Ways The Attendee Lifecycle Will Change

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At InGo, we believe that the future of events is in relationships. This is why we have empowered over ten million visitors to reconnect and invite their most valuable connections through our award-winning marketing platform. Events provide the best opportunities for authentic connections. The world has transitioned from large physical goods, to soft intellectual properties, making business relationships more valuable than ever.

This also means the way we attract and keep event attendees is evolving. Based on the thousands of events and millions of attendees InGo serves, we believe the future of event marketing will be as follows:

  1. Attraction will start with word-of-mouth:
    A recent study showed 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. The same study shows that millennials are 115% more influenced by word-of-mouth than traditional advertising. By using word-of-mouth marketing, a method which is 2-3x more successful than standard marketing approaches, InGo empowers attendees and exhibitors to invite their most influential connections.

  2. Engagement will begin long before the event: 
    Events are about in-person meetings and thanks to social media, attendee engagement begins weeks before the event itself. When a registrant is shown a colleague or peer who’s also attending, they are much more likely to reach out to them to schedule a meet-up at the event. Attendees who register via InGo are able to post and share your event to their social media, ultimately marketing your event to their entire network.  

  3. Attendees will have more control over the value of their experience:
    Events provide an element of surprise for attendees. They’re able to stumble upon brilliant new products, strike up conversations with potential business partners, or bump into old colleagues. In the past, these types of meetings happened by accident. In our new digital age, attendees have more control over their experience and the value they receive from an event. InGo is leading the way by notifying attendees when others from their network have also registered so they can seek out specific exhibitors, trade show booths, and potential business connections.

  4. It will be easier to secure returning attendees: 
    Community will always have relevance. Retaining attendees annually will become less a matter of showing off new products, but reminding members of the priceless value of the event community. Goods will change every year, but providing the opportunity for valuable connections will keep attendees returning. When attendees register via InGo, event organizers are able to reach their network. This allows organizers to acquire new demographics and broaden their event’s community overall, ultimately increasing the event’s value for attendees.

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