Creative Ways to Boost Virtual Event Engagement

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Customer engagement is one of the most critical elements your brand should strive for, especially on your online platforms. Brand engagement demonstrates your community’s commitment to you and can solidify a connection with your target audience. Businesses that pay attention to this element and prioritize it in their marketing strategies can experience increased brand awareness and higher sales. 

If your business is looking for ways to build customer engagement, online events can be a great place to start. Aside from bringing your products or services straight to your audience, you also make your brand more relevant and recognizable. In this article, we dive into some of the most popular ways you can strengthen your bond with your audience using entertaining and engaging online events.

Virtual Tours

While some communities are easing COVID-19 restrictions, many people are still stuck at home and craving opportunities to go out and explore the world. Providing them with a virtual tour experience could be an exciting way to engage them and create a connection during a time when people are hungry for them. 

You could consider things such as a virtual tour of your store, your office, a destination, a learning experience, or an influencer using your product. Know what you want to achieve with this tour when planning it to ensure you’re successful and know how best to use your resources. 

Games and Contests

Many people are at home and might be bored so it could be an exciting opportunity to host a game or contest online. Engaging with your brand, as well as networking or competing with others online, could be a welcome change to their at-home entertainment. You could host a trivia night or collaborate with a game company to hold an online version of their most popular product. Of course you’ll want to be sure that the game or contest is relevant to your brand, but you can think outside of the box to create contests, quizzes, or tournaments. Not only will your audience have a good time, they’ll get to know your brand and come to associate it with fun and light heartedness.

Unique Elements

Consider hiring a comedian as an emcee for your next virtual event or including a musical group as a break from more traditional content. Adding a humorous element to your event can be a great way to keep your audience engaged and coming back to future events. You could even include an open mic for any budding comedians in the audience to share their jokes and bolster community engagement. 

Making people laugh and smile always leaves them feeling good and that’s a great way for them to connect with your brand.  

Another thing that most people connect with is live music. Including a local band or solo act in your event can be a great way to show your commitment to the community as well as add a unique and entertaining element. Your event could even help a local group gain more popularity, positioning you as a trend setter and cutting edge brand.

Online Tutorials

Most people are interested in learning new things and an online tutorial can be an easy and fun way to gain a new skill. Think about your business’s expertise and how you could turn that into an online module to engage and educate your audience. Or, you could collaborate with a learning institution to put together a course that is relevant to your brand and audience. 

Ideas could include ways to use your product more effectively or hacks on maximizing the service you provide. When people get real-world guidance from an event, they consider it a valuable use of their time and will want to come back for more.

Virtual Photobooths

In our social media-saturated world, everyone loves taking and posting photos to show their friends all the exciting things they’ve been doing. You can leverage this by including a virtual photo booth at your next event. Most online meeting platforms have the ability to create backdrops or you can create your own branded elements for attendees to take photos of themselves. Not only is this a fun way to engage your audience, it can be a great way to get your brand out on their social media channels, garnering you some brand awareness.  


There are plenty of ways to capture your audience’s attention and make them love your brand—whether online or offline. If you can find ways to make your virtual events entertaining and valuable, your audience will likely become more engaged and loyal to your brand. Plus, you’ll get a reputation for putting on creative and fun events, which is a surefire way to keep people coming back for more.

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