How CREtech Partnered with InGo to Increase Attendance

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CREtech is an event and intelligence platform dedicated to helping the real estate industry embrace, adopt, and future-proof their businesses.

One of their events, CREtech New York, brings property technology companies, investors, and real estate professionals together to connect, network, and engage in-person. These events rely heavily on the right audience attending and partnering with InGo enabled CREtech to leverage the networks of key participants and grow the event by 50%.

The significant increase in engagement drove 9x the return of the investment, with 15-20% of the event’s total revenue coming directly from an InGo post. Additionally, of CREtech’s 2500 attendees, over 33% were influenced from InGo.

By implementing InGo as a part of their wider event strategy, CREtech is poised to reach the next level of success for their events!


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