How to grow your virtual event audience in 2021

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For event marketers, years’ worth of digital transformation took place last year within just a few months, ushering in a new era of change and challenge.

Unlimited by physical boundaries, the pressure is now on to grow your online audience with the right people. The sudden explosion of virtual events has also increased competition for your audience and there is a real risk of losing them – and your market share. Attendees have discovered new ways to connect and consume content digitally and will be more selective when choosing which events to attend in the future.

For these reasons, it has never been more important to cut-through the marketing noise and convince your community that your event is a must-attend.

The good news is that these challenges don’t have to become major obstacles in 2021 if you take action now. And this is where InGo’s platform can help, as the likes of Informa, Inc., PGA Expo, Reed and hundreds of other global organizers, have discovered.

InGo facilitates digital word-of-mouth marketing to intelligently engage and convince your audience to attend by turning each one of them into an advocate, or co-marketer, for your brand.

The InGo platform works because it is very quick and simple for people to send digital invitations directly to their contacts and post to their social networks while registering. There is nothing more powerful than a recommendation or invitation from a trusted colleague, industry contact or friend to encourage buy-in and convert the ‘unaware’ and ‘uncommitted’ in your community into a loyal attendee. In fact, data shows that registrants bring in around 20-50% more people with InGo’s community building.

Pre-event, imagine first seeing dozens of your connections post on social that they are excited about an event.  Then, imagine receiving personal invites from some of your closest connections to join them in attending.  Then as you register InGo will suggest you invite some of your closest connections and after you register, you will begin receiving InGo’s exclusive “Community Update” emails as even more of your connections register.

The world’s top organizers have been flocking to InGo because the results speak volumes. Many have doubled their audience size, reach and influence, significantly boosting the sponsorship value of their products. Here are a few examples:

●      Informa has experienced average audience growth of 17% across 469 virtual events in a vast range of international industries. This is thanks to InGo empowering 40,000 of their visitors to be advocates who invited their friends and encouraged them to attend.

●      Within 48 hours of signing with InGo, Fast Company grew their webinar delegation by 30%, which has continued to skyrocket ever since.

●      InGo’s own Event Virtualization Summit grew from 200 to 4,000 viewers with more than 80% of registrants converting to attending.

As we enter the final stretch of the year, now is the time to research and plan for the next 12 months. With virtual and hybrid events set to rise and rise next year, competition for your audience will only become more fierce. Personalized invitations and social ad posts from trusted connections are your best weapon for driving thousands of attendee acquisitions and future-proofing your events in 2021 and beyond.

For super-charged event growth in 2021, book a short ten-minute demo with InGo now.



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