Improving Engagement and Client Retention For Online Events

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With the 24-hour information cycle, social media, and smartphones, businesses have a lot to compete with for their customers’ attention, and retention has become more important than ever. When customer retention increases by just five percent, businesses can see profits increase exponentially. 

But with the travel and socialization restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, event marketing strategies have had to shift to the virtual stage, leaving many marketers wondering how to keep their customers engaged in a new way. 

Production Companies Can Help Improve Retention

Virtual event marketing has never been more vital and is not going away despite easing COVID restrictions. There were already a number of production companies that focused on virtual events, but even more have sprung into existence over the last year. Working with a good partner who is experienced in engaging audiences digitally can go a long way in helping businesses keep their audiences engaged and coming back for more.

Experiment with On-Demand or Live

There are pros and cons to having an on-demand video or an event that is presented live. A live event means more real-time interaction among attendees and presenters which many people are craving in the contactless landscape, but it also leaves a lot of room for technical issues such as spotty internet connections. On the other hand, events that are on-demand allow for more flexibility from a technical standpoint but audience interaction is low which can lead to people leaving the event. 

There are ways, of course, to combine the two approaches such as pre-recording speakers and having a live Q&A for attendees. In the end, your business’s goals, along with your audience’s preferences, will determine the best method to use.

Set Engagement Goals

Determining your engagement goals will be critical to figuring out what platform to use, which promotional campaigns to employ, and how to gauge if your event is successful. Part of your event’s success will also hinge on a longer term strategy of keeping your audience coming back to future events. The success of one event does not guarantee that attendees will come back to another one if they’re not engaged with your brand or find your services useful. You’ll want to find ways to continuously engage with attendees to keep them up-to-date on your business and upcoming events.

A few examples of some specific and measurable goals for retaining your audience include: 

  • Increase brand recognition with 12 stories in local media outlets 

  • Promote a new product or service to 5,000 people through social media ads

  • Increase the next quarter’s sales by 5% through email marketing


It may seem that networking is harder to do during online events, but there are still lots of ways to encourage audience interaction. Many video platforms have chat functions and allow for breakout groups and social media is always a good way to encourage conversation. You can create hashtags, send out surveys, and conduct polls online, all of which can keep your attendees engaged with each other and your brand. So when you’re ready to promote your next event, you’ll have a core audience ready to RSVP “yes.”


When planning virtual events, it’s important to create opportunities to engage and retain your audience. Working with a production company, setting goals, and choosing the type of event for your business are all ways to keep your attendees coming back for more and for your brand to  cut through the noise and stand out.

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