InGo Takes #14 Spot In Latka 500 Ranking of Fastest Growing SaaS Companies in 2021

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When COVID-19 hit and in-person events came to a standstill for nearly two years, the world still needed to connect. Thanks to the brilliant guidance of event and media industry leaders, we pivoted into the leading enterprise referral marketing platform and grew by 250% in 2021. We are proud to announce that in recognition of this success, we’ve been named by Latka 500 Ranking as the 14th fastest growing SaaS company in the world.

We are particularly thankful to certain partners and leaders at those companies who have achieved growth through our best in class scalable referral marketing platform: Solenne Singer at Informa Markets, Isobel Peck at Informa Connect, Stephen Aponte at WSJ, Paul Miller at Questex, Nicole Peck at idg, and so many others we wish we could thank by name.

How We Pivoted, Grew 250% and Now Rank #14 of hundreds of SaaS startups

“I’ve always been fascinated by the untapped potential in human relationships that make referrals so powerful,” says Michael Barnett, the CEO of InGo. “I co-founded InGo in 2014 with the aim to empower communities and their existing digital and physical experiences, but it wasn’t until the severe isolation that made it clear how important connecting people really is.”

We launched the Event Virtualization Summit with our partners during lockdown to talk about how we could bring people together and organize events in a COVID-safe way. People who registered were empowered by InGo to invite more of their professional connections. Ultimately, we reached tens of thousands of event and marketing executives as InGo, combined with a compelling topic and great speakers, made our virtual Summit go viral. 

Our Summit clearly demonstrated InGo’s value; we pivoted to enterprise referral marketing, refocusing our attention on our customers’ changing needs. This new focus included prioritizing the building of an engaged global community rather than having a one-time audience with each campaign. Centering our attention on relationships has helped our customers restart and significantly expand their business.

What is GetLatka and How Does The Ranking Work?

GetLatka is a private community for SaaS founders and investors, which assembles key SaaS metrics for evaluating growth and valuation, among others. 

In 2021, the owner of the database, Nathan Latka compiled one of the largest SaaS growth studies ever conducted. In total, the top 500 companies do $12.6 billion in revenue, and employ 99,428 employees.

Head here to see the full list of companies.

Thanks Latka for helping us land the #14 spot in the Latka 500 for 2021! We hope to climb even higher in 2022!


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