InGo Yields 10x More Click Throughs Than Traditional Marketing

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The numbers are in! InGo’s email invite functionality is revolutionizing the event registration process by effortlessly integrating word-of-mouth marketing, giving your show the exposure it deserves.

With just one click, attendees can seamlessly invite valuable network connections to your event. More than 25% of invites sent from registrants via InGo are clicked through, driving 10x more click throughs than average marketing emails, ultimately yielding a 90% open rate.

By using world-of-mouth marketing, a method 2-3x more successful than standard marketing approaches, InGo empowers event organizers to swap traditional marketing ads for honest and effective peer recommendations.

The best part? The invites are as easy as one click. With InGo’s socially smart insights, registrants can immediately select which network connections they want to invite via email.

Your attendees can seamlessly search their contacts…


Easily select who they want to invite…

pasted image 0.png

And send a personal email invitation to their inbox…

pasted image 0-1.png

Clicks by Potential Attendees

pasted image 0-2.png

Empower your event community by tapping into the growing value of word-of-mouth marketing. To learn more about InGo’s email invites, click here.


Join over 12k other Event Professionals learning all about word-of-mouth marketing the InGo way.


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InGo was awarded a Top 100 Event Planning Blog Award by Feedspot.