Case Study: Mansueto Ventures

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About the Company 

  • Mansueto is the publisher brand for Fast Company and Inc.

  • Our team spoke with the Associate Director of Consumer Marketing, an experienced user of the InGo platform. Her role is primarily focused on events and award recognition programs.

  • Mansueto uses InGo for 90% of their events.

    • “We pretty much use InGo whenever we can.
      It’s become part of our checklist when we create the registration page.”

Why Use InGo? 

  • “We were looking for other ways to try and bring more people into events, get people into the funnel, and find more ways to get the word out. Not only is InGo amplifying the reach and getting more people to see [our event] but it gets people registering for our events and does some of the work for us.”

  • “The world changed in 2020 and we switched from live events to virtual events. Previously we had done maybe five webinars a year, but in 2020, we did almost 100 and they were all very successful, largely because of InGo.”

  • “There was no way we could have delivered an audience to every single one of our virtual events that quickly. InGo drove a 12% increase in registrations for 2020.”

  • “It’s a great service and the results will speak for themselves.”

Working With InGo 

  • “InGo responds right away. Every time I send an email, I hear back within the day.”

  • “It’s easy to get up and live. We had a lot of tight turnarounds and would need to get an event up within 24 hours – we were able to do that with InGo, no problem.”

  • “We saw a 12% increase in registrants during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is amazing.” – Associate Director of Consumer Marketing

Why would you recommend InGo? 

  • “InGo is a great service, there’s no better way to get your event out there than to have the people that are already going to your event talking about it on social media. It’s just one of the best word-of-mouth marketing tools you can get.”

  • “The amount of advocates and acquisitions that are delivered all the time”

  • “Being able to seamlessly integrate it with branding and style for a particular event.”

  • “It is a great platform and the results will speak for themselves.”

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