Creative Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Brand Advocates

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In 2021, it’s all about gratitude. After the trying times of the pandemic, most people are looking for more ways to stay positive and be thankful for the little things. As a brand or business owner, radiating positivity to your advocates can be a great way to demonstrate thanks and stay connected to them. 

While just saying thank you can go a long way, you can take it up a notch and express your gratitude in creative ways that will nurture relationships with your advocates and bring in even more. Keep reading for just a few ideas of how to express gratitude to your brand advocates.

Special Discounts and Sales

According to statistics, word-of-mouth marketing contributes up to $6 trillion in consumer spending every year. That means your advocates are significantly responsible for boosting your sales and saving you time and money that you would have spent on marketing and promotion. Rather than just giving them a shout out on social media or your website, you can offer free shipping, an early-bird discount, or a discount code that is exclusive only to them. Using this method lets your advocates know they’re VIPs, encouraging them to keep promoting your business and encouraging others to come along with them. 

Gift Bags

Nothing says thank you like the personal touch of a gift. Sending out gift bags to top advocates – or all of them if it’s realistic – shows your appreciation, keeps them connected to your brand, and motivates them to keep marketing your business. You can create a gift bag with swag such as shirts, caps, or sunglasses to say thank you (and get additional promotion as they wear your gear). It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way!

Exclusive Events

Creating exclusive events, whether in-person or online, can make your advocates feel special and get them even more excited about your brand. For example, you can host events that are exclusive to your top 20 or 30 advocates, such as a Q&A with an executive from your business or special guest, a networking happy hour, or a sneak peek of a new product or service. Be sure to encourage photos and social media posts so they can show off all the fun that comes with being an advocate for your brand. The important thing is to make them feel appreciated and that they’re getting an experience that no one else can.


Your advocates boost your brand through social media posting and talking about it, so why not do the same for them? You can create unique postings on your social media by sharing a photo of them, their username, and what they do for the brand, capping it all with a “thank you.” 

Aside from making your advocates feel special with this simple act, it’s another opportunity to broaden your brand’s reach! They’ll likely share your post with their followers so you’ll benefit from user-generated content that is proven to be more effective in engaging users. Something as simple as a social media repost can have a tremendous impact on your advocates.


There are many more ways to say “thank you” to your brand advocates, but these top our list! Remember that the best way of communicating with and maintaining the loyalty of your advocates and followers is by making them feel appreciated and special. Doing that will keep them promoting your brand and bring their followers along with them. 

Now that we’ve shared a few creative ways to say thank you, are you ready to launch your advocate marketing strategy? At InGo, we prioritize the social in social media marketing and create events that help you connect with your followers. We strongly believe that there is more to social media marketing and that your audience is not a target to hit but marketers to be empowered. Get in touch with us and start an event marketing campaign today! 


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