What Makes For The Best Advocate Marketing?

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What Makes For The Best Advocate Marketing?

Technology is constantly advancing, but humans will always thrive on person-to-person connections. This is why advocate marketing is vital for any company or brand’s success, especially event organizers. At InGo, we fundamentality believe in event communities and the impact they can have on the world. We think Charlie McCurdy, CEO of Informa, said it best, “Imagine how different healthcare would be without this event,” regarding the Arab Health event. His words are a powerful reminder that events aren’t just about selling software or square feet, but providing opportunities for future game changers.

Events annually connect nearly 400 million professionals and unlock untold potential. What we can measure is in the hundreds of billions (GED stat), but the long term value is in connecting and reconnecting billions of important relationships. InGo exists to connect the people who will go on to invent cures, create solutions, and build companies that will impact the rest of the world.

Because of our passion for positive change, we’ve built the best technology that goes hand-in-hand with advocate marketing so you can connect and grow your communities. Here’s how.

1. Creating Excitement & Fostering Engagement

When registering for an event via InGo, registrants are shown which of their network connections have also registered. Having a familiar face or inspirational peer to look forward to seeing creates excitement around your event and continues engagement as the event approaches. Not to mention, knowing other attendees helps to make large events feel more personal and community driven.

We accomplish this during registration, through our new emailed network notifications that alert attendees when network connections have registered, and anywhere else you install the widget. InGo’s new notification function has already been well received with a 75%+ increase in opening rate. Our updated InGo widget is best in class, driving higher adoption rates and greater engagement than any other.

2. Empowering Advocacy

InGo empowers your attendees and exhibitors to authentically advocate your event through posts and invites. People naturally want to share good experiences and promote the things they’re excited about. Most of us want others to partake in our good experiences and we feel good about ourselves when someone enjoys something because of our recommendation. With InGo, we make it easy for your attendees and exhibitor to recommend the events they’re passionate about. It’s as simple as giving them the option of sending invites to their network and sharing your event online through InGo.

3. Providing Insights

When using InGo, you’re given unique insight into your community. You’re able to discover new demographics that respond to posts regarding your event which allows you to broaden your target audience. When one attendees shares your event, you’re able to reach their entire network of unique connections. This then helps you to expand your understanding of the types of people who are attracted to your event, allowing you to adjust your other marketing efforts and even further develop your event planning strategies.

At the end of the day, the attendees’ success is your success. When you create an event that brings together the individuals who will thrive from newfound relationships, you’re paving the way for global impact. Here at InGo, your success is our success. That’s why it’s our mission to help you reach and attract more attendees, ultimately allowing your event to become a catalyst for positive change.

Watch the video below to see how InGo helped HLTH, the largest conference for health innovation, reach nearly a million of their attendees’ connections. 

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