Your advocates are 11x more effective than other marketing channels – Forbes

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In a recent Forbes article, Why Is Influencer Marketing Such A Big Deal Right Now?, the author Michael Fertik, an internet entrepreneur, says influencer marketing content delivers 11x better ROI than other more traditional marketing tactics.

In fact, 92% of consumers trust influencer marketing over traditional advertising, according to Nielsen’s Consumer Trust Index.

“…influencers are so important right now is not only due to a growing lack of trust in advertising; consumers are hungry for authenticity…and influencers epitomize authenticity.”

Influencers are real, whereas ads are contrived. 

In the last ten years, as Fertik rightly points out, influencer marketing has risen from “obscurity to the top of the B2B CMO’s agenda as the most effective way to connect and interact with customers and prospects, and drive brand awareness.”

He also recognizes that major B2B brands are successfully using influencer marketing to promote their events.

The power of influencer and advocacy marketing is why InGo’s platform has been so successful in growing event audiences for the likes of Informa, Reed, Fast Company, and hundreds of other global event organizers.

For example:

  • Informa’s average audience grew by 17% across 469 virtual events. This is because InGo’s platform empowered 40,000 of their visitors to become advocates who invited their friends and encouraged them to attend.

  • Fast Company grew its webinar delegation by 30% within two days of first using InGo.

  • InGo’s own Event Virtualization Summit grew from 200 to 4,000 viewers.

So how does InGo work? 

Put simply, InGo makes it easy for your attendees and exhibitors to invite their most valuable connections and to register again when they see their connections registering.  InGo helps your event become a self-growing, well-connected community.

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