NAB, DMG, and InGo Present: How To Grow Events

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Industry Leaders Share Insights on Event Social Media Panel
PHOENIX, AZ — Jake Zatzkin, Marketing Manager, Digital Strategies from the National Association of Broadcasters Jacquelyn Wells, Account Strategist & Director of Digital Media, Marketing Design Group, and Michael Barnett, CEO of InGo, presented their experiences on the Event Social Media Panel at the oldest premier meeting about meetings, MeetingsQuest, on May 7, 2014.

Steve Hacker, Former President of IAEE, introduced Barnett as part of a Panel, saying “InGo has started a riot in the industry with its incredible growth, and its ability to grow events.”

At the crux of Barnett’s presentation was the point that, for InGo, “the goal is not to make your event social; social is just a tool.”

Barnett continued, saying that “the goal is to empower the relationships of your attendees, so that they become Advocates who bring more attendees.”

“To see hundreds of people bring hundreds of other people to events, and then see thousands bring thousands: we are starting to see the first glimpses of a future of extraordinarily meaningful events. By giving Advocates the tools to grow events, we will soon see hundreds of people bring tens of thousands of people to an event.”

After Barnett spoke, Hacker made a further point that “InGo seamlessly integrates social and events, with very little effort for the organizer.”

Meetings Quest ( presented by Association News magazine, America’s longest-running series of educational and networking events for association and corporate meeting planners.

InGo ( provides the trade show and events industry with what they need: a way to use the immense power of the social network to make events more fun! We help our clients grow traffic and develop leads by enabling audiences to create communities. At an event powered by InGo, each and every attendee is given the tools they need to make the event experience their own.



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