InGo CEO to be Panelist at IMFCON

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Michael Barnett, CEO of InGo, will be a member of the panel for the educational session on “Optimizing the Three D’s of Digital – Data, Distribution & Development of Social Strategy” at the upcoming IMFCon in Austin, Texas, December 8, 2014. Barnett will join moderator Eric B. Stein, Founder, Impact Global Media and the other panelists to discuss topics such as:

  • Using social media to develop your program
  • Community gathering
  • Optimizing the community
  • How going from traditional to digital has moved us all into community engagement area
  • Using digital as tools to help grow your businesses

Michael Barnett’s background is in leadership and behavioral science, challenging teams of people to accomplish big goals since he was in high school, when he first brought together a community to build a 9/11 memorial.  Now he leads InGo, the socially – smart event marketing platform which makes festivals more social, larger, more exciting and engaging by turning attendees in to VIPs, empowering them with software and social networks to help them invite an entourage, connecting them with friends and colleagues to enhance the entire festival experience.

Join Michael at IMFCon:


InGo – International Award Winner “Best Event Software” – Event Tech Live 2014
InGo wins Best Event Software at Event Tech Awards 2014


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