ICCA Case Study: InGo Mobilises Advocates for ICCA Congress 2015

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As you know, there’s nothing we like better than sharing the stories of our customer’s success. Outstanding client results are the most important type of marketing, the “proof in the pudding” so to speak, and today’s case study is no exception.

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), the global experts in international association meetings, approached InGo in their search for a way to increase attendance at their annual Congress. ICCA had a robust social media strategy but needed a way to more effectively capture the attention of its members and convince them to attend the Congress. They understood that the most effective marketing – word of mouth marketing – can’t be purchased and turned to InGo as a way to offer their members the means, motive and opportunity to share their excitement for the Congress.

““Selling and advertising are not a good match with social channels and this tool allows us to use social media in an ideal way: encouraging our member community to promote the ICCA Congress instead of only pushing registration ourselves.” ”

— Excerpt from Using social media to maximise education and networking by Mathijs Vleeming of ICCA

ICCA utilized all the features of the InGo Advocate Marketing app, including: Social Registration; InGo’s unique, peer-2-peer Personal Invites; Social Posting to the attendees’ social news feeds; and the Who’s-In Social widget to display who was already attending.

The results? 18% of delegates attending the 54th ICCA Congress came in through the InGo channel and the 2015 ICCA Congress broke it’s Americas attendance record.

Read their full case study for tips on how to use social media at events, including details of their InGo campaign and acquisition numbers here


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