InGo Awards – June Winners

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Summer is for celebrations and vacations and both are in full swing here at InGo. Though later than usual, we couldn’t let a month go by without recognizing June’s best events, campaigns and the InGo customers behind them. 

Special Feature

We’ve been doing these awards for almost year now and the response has been great. In fact, we constantly get asked for more detail on why an event won the award it did. Moving forward, we’ll be periodically featuring marketing gurus from around the world, who will provide a deeper look at the “why” of one of our award winners, and an explanation of the top moves that set them apart. 

Click HERE for a review of what makes ICFF Miami stand out in a crowd.


ICFF Miami: Emerald Expositions & Experient 

This award recognizes the team that had an outstanding kick-off to their campaign in June. Not only does ICFF have both the Log In and Social widgets prominently displayed above the fold, Who’s In is featured on the home page to drive more registrations and exhibit sales. With three months of advocate empowerment before the event, we predict great results! 

Lightning Launch

CONSTRUCT: Informa Exhibitions & Compusystems

This award recognizes the event with the fastest, best install we saw in June. This team received the InGo code and installed the widgets quickly and independently. Great collaboration on the part of the organizer and registration company. Yep, installing on an InGo partner DOES make the process easier!

Best Growth

IFSEC International: UBM EMEA & N200

This award recognizes the event and registration team whose hard work paid off. Due to this team’s great event content and InGo Advocate Marketing campaign, a high percentage of IFSEC International attendees became advocates for the show and made it the top growing event in June. Congrats! 


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