3 Ways to Improve Your Advocacy Marketing Strategy in 2021

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Marketing is a vast space with different branches, but while there’s a wealth of options that can help position your business better, one thing is for sure: nothing beats the word of existing customers.

People trust the reviews and feedback of other like-minded consumers; that’s why advocacy marketing should be part of your arsenal to push your campaigns’ momentum further. 

What Is Advocacy Marketing?

This type of marketing focuses on sharing the positive experiences of your existing customers, which should build brand engagement and attract new customers since people are more confident in word of mouth. Your loyal customers serve as an amplifier for your messaging; that’s why employing advocacy marketing can give your business a competitive edge.

Here’s how you can leverage your customers’ feedback and use it to put a positive light on your brand: 

Tip #1: Listen to Customer Feedback and Take Action When Necessary 

The comments of your customers hold valuable information, even if they’re talking about a negative experience. It opens up areas in your strategy that need improvement, so listening to customer concerns can help you turn setbacks into an opportunity to enhance your customer support. By improving your marketing based on real feedback, you can show how much your brand truly cares about its consumers. 

Tip #2: Stay on Top of Trends and Customer Interests

You need to constantly improve your products and services by studying your market’s current interests and behaviors. After all, people’s needs change constantly, so it’s up to you to stay relevant. You can easily keep track of your market’s pain points by keeping in touch with them on social media and conducting market research to reveal new concepts that can benefit your audience in the long run. 

Tip #3: Don’t Forget to Thank Your Customers

Every business relies on a steady customer base to stay alive, so it’s worth spending some time thanking your loyal consumers for supporting your brand. A simple shout-out on social media can make your target audience feel heard and cared for, though you can take it to the next level by offering loyalty discounts, gifts, and other fun ways to give thanks. 

The Bottom Line: The Power of Advocacy Marketing 

Every marketing strategy needs a personal touch so it can leave a positive impact on your consumers. With that in mind, advocacy marketing is a customer-centric approach that can effectively deepen your connection with your customers. 

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