How to Build an Audience for In-Person Events

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As the global pandemic starts to dwindle in fresh cases with the ongoing vaccination drives rolling out, people are starting to see if there are in-person events that they can attend. While webinars were a refreshing take on this, many still prefer face-to-face mingling, watching performers or speakers live, and gathering like-minded people. 

With that being said, you and your event planning business still have quite a ways to go as you pull in confirmed attendees to show up, engage, and support your future events and other projects. Thus, to ensure you know where you can get started, consider the following tips for in-person events during this developing new normal: 

Take the necessary precautions for COVID-19

Of course, a lot of people are still getting fully vaccinated, and the CDC continues to enforce health protocols, especially for events like yours. Fortunately, this is a welcome development because in-person gatherings can be done responsibly without any heated backlash or negative repercussions. You just have to ensure that you have the proper venue, registration, and other event-related factors in place to “COVID-19 proof” your events to entice concerned attendees. 

One of the best event promotion ideas you can consider with COVID-19 in mind is to have video campaigns and detailed resources available for your next events. You can do your research, draft some guidelines for event staff, and ensure every attendee can enjoy your event while social distancing and practicing good hand hygiene. This way, you can have a stress-free, safe event and keep your professional reputation clean, building trust among clients. 

Have diverse ticketing options available

One of the main issues you have to watch out for when you plan your event is managing attendees who have their tickets but don’t show up, otherwise known as the no-shows. In theory, it may be favorable since it means you have more space and unused resources at your disposal, like nametags and concert freebies. However, in practice, it affects your event hosting career since you have fewer people to work with, which is a turn-off for brands because you can’t get attendees. Fortunately, the right ticket options can do the trick.

What you should look into in particular are group-ticketing options, like early bird sales for friends and family or special deals for group bookings. It enables you to satisfy your intended number of attendees faster than single ticket buyers. Just ensure you also have good customer service because once one person in the group has a negative experience at your event, it could affect the rest. 

Enhance your social media marketing strategies 

Even as we go ever closer to some semblance of in-person interactions, knowing how to promote an event on social media continues to be an enduring staple in this digital age. In fact, it can even act as a bridge between virtual services and local, live events. Thus, it is important to take note of those while you make your campaigns. Additionally, look into newer ways to promote your events to beat out your competitors. 


Over the recent years, event planning and marketing have changed dramatically. As a result, you have to be smarter as an event organizer to ensure everyone who gets their tickets will show up and support your future projects. Thus, ensure you remember all the tips mentioned above and be open to new approaches for getting attendees. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the most effective online event marketing solutions, then you have come to the right place!

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