Expo Logic and InGo Partner to Offer Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Making Events Better Together

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Expo Logic to offer InGo solution to clients

Manassas, VA, Philadelphia, PA – (July 6, 2017) – Jeff Cooper, CEO at Expo Logic, and Michael Barnett, CEO of InGo, announced today the two companies have made it easy for attendees everywhere to better engage their friends and colleagues using InGo’s flagship products, EnGage and Network Notifications. This word-of-mouth marketing broadens the reach of the event organizer while giving consumers exactly what they are looking for in an event – more friends, more experiences, and more enjoyment in the community.

This partnership means that Expo Logic clients will have the free option to turn on InGo EnGage Community versions, which lets ticket buyers see who else from their social network is attending an event.  Users can also add InGo’s EnGage Growth version to activate word-of-mouth marketing tools to expand an event’s social presence, cultivate buzz, and sell and generate more ticket sales.

Expo Logic’s innovative registration services are the perfect complement to InGo’s social network marketing. As a leading technology developer in the events industry, Expo Logic, is pleased to add this social selling feature to its robust online registration platform.

“Expo Logic has made a name for itself by providing top tier products and services to its clients like TrackPod™, badge[on]demand™, LeadKey™ and more in their product portfolio” said Barnett. “We are excited to help add the social community experience to the Expo Logic.

“InGo is leading the transformation of word-of-mouth marketing and Expo Logic is pleased to partner with InGo and offer their services to our clients. We’re confident the result will be more highly attended events and an expanded experience for attendees.” said Jeff Cooper, CEO of Expo Logic.

About InGo

Traditional marketing lacks trust.  Marketers are interested in convincing people to buy, and people know that.  But, we trust our friends and community.  Think about it. . . If you had the choice of discovering a product or service from the manufacturer, or from a friend who had experienced it, which would you trust?  For an event, which is the more appealing reason to attend; a 10% discount, or an invitation from a friend or colleague to attend with them? Despite appearances, people on social media are not waiting to be marketed to.  They are actually marketing; themselves, their interests and their passions.  InGo is dedicated to empowering that natural behavior.  InGo amplifies your attendee’s ability to co-market with you.  We leverage socially-smart search and ranking algorithms to make it a natural part of what they are engaged in anyway.  This combination makes it easy for them to engage in the most powerful marketing in the world, word-of-mouth marketing, powered by InGo.

About Expo Logic

For over 35 years Expo Logic has worked with clients domestically and abroad to provide the fastest, most flexible registration and innovative lead retrieval services in the industry. Processing millions of registrations for thousands of organizations worldwide while providing excellent service and personal attention to our clients is the hallmark of our company. When you work with us, we act as an extension of your team; listening to your goals and creating customized event solutions to make you and your event a success.

Services include: Online registration, on-site registration, session tracking, attendee tracking, lead retrieval, badge printing and custom integrations.

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