InGo Releases Network Notifications: Exhibitors and Participants Everywhere Will Now Know Who Is Also Attending

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Registrants Get To See Who In Their Network Is Joining Them At The Event

MANASSAS, VA, April 6, 2017 — Whenever a business professional is attending an event, he or she wants to know the answer to an important question… “Who is going to be there?” Today, InGo can answer that question with the release of our innovative feature, an industry first, called “Network Notifications.” Whenever someone socially registers for an event using InGo, he or she will know which of his friends and colleagues are joining the event with them.

InGo believes that events are better together, which is why we inspire your attendees to do your marketing for you. This simplifies your registration, amplifies your word of mouth, and improves everyone’s experience. Attendees are connected with new and reconnected with existing valuable friends and colleagues. For your event there are more net new attendees, higher retention year over year, and higher quality attendees.

With the advent of Network Notifications, any Registrant on an InGo-powered event will get access to this notification feature. InGo gives immediate return on investment for anyone attending since he or she will now know who in their networks will be joining them. This is an immeasurable tool for calculating the ROI for any event.

Stephen O’Keefe, InGo COO, said, “This is industry first. We are ecstatic at the opportunity this presents to bring greater ROI to any event and enhance the experience for everyone attending. Now, attendees will know who to connect with at the event. More importantly, they will see a familiar face in a sea of strangers. That value is immeasurable.”

Michael Barnett, InGO CEO, added “InGo has already helped millions of people connect at events. Now, our Network Notifications will help millions more reconnect with their most valued friends and colleagues.” He continued, “Ultimately stronger relationships means stronger relationships, new ideas, more leads, more deals, more shared experiences, and more value from your event. All of this results in more bottom line growth for you and your attendees.”

How It Works In Four Easy Steps

  1. Socially register for your event using InGo and leave the option checked “on” for notifications
  2. Complete your registration
  3. Then, within two weeks, if you have someone in your network attending the event, you will be notified via email of who that person is
  4. Enjoy your newly enhanced attendee experience!

Learn More

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about how this feature works at, browse our FAQ guide, and discover the new world of Network Notifications,, powered by InGo.

About InGo:

InGo is the world’s leading social media Advocate Marketing company, empowering event organizers and attendees to exponentially grow their events using InGo’s unique socially-smart search algorithm. With offices in the US, UK and Italy and partners on six continents, InGo serves the largest event companies in the world such as Reed Exhibitions, Emerald Expositions, Informa, DMG, Fiera Milano and more. Since the business opened in 2013, InGo has served over 1,000 events on six continents.  Discover how InGo can grow your event at

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