InGo Is Transforming How Events Utilize Influencers

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In today’s hyper-connected world, the recommendation of a friend, colleague, or peer can make an immense impact. According to “Global Trust in Advertising”, a study done by Nielsen, 83% of people said they trusted personal suggestions from friends, family and even strangers over traditional marketing. 

When just one recommendation can lead to thousands of new registrants, how can event organizers best utilize word-of-mouth marketing? The answer is in knowing exactly who your top advocates are and utilizing them. 

When an event integrates with InGo, attendees register through their own social media channels, allowing them to seamlessly post your event to their network and send invites. The InGo Dashboard offers invaluable insights into your attendees’ social advocacy, opening the door for collaboration and further growth. 

The InGo Dashboard


As the event organizer, you are given the name, profession, and network size of your advocates. You’re also given insights into how many times post socially as well as how many invites they send. Most importantly, you’re shown the amount of people they influenced to register for your event. 

These advocates are individuals who work in industries relevant to your show and are often big-names in their own right. Just one recommendation from these influential industry leaders could acquire hundreds of new registrants. 

Utilizing Your Influencers, Better

This unique tool allows event organizers to reach out to the advocates who are influencing new registrants and offer VIP access or other event perks in exchange for continued promotion. This welcomes a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your advocates, ultimately empowering the events community while allowing your show to grow even more.  

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