New Partnership with InGo and Storycraft Lab Proves the Power of Belonging to Grow Events

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InGo and Storycraft Lab announce a partnership to drive deeper belonging and extraordinary growth for experiences around the world. The Corporate Event Marketers Association (CEMA) and IMEX saw incredible engagement this year thanks to the combination of belonging and advocacy amplification that Storycraft Lab and InGo provided.

This new partnership will enable any event to increase belonging, inclusion, and growth while dramatically increasing reach and cutting cost per acquisition. It works by connecting attendees to a deeper sense of identity and connection to the event and its content through Storycraft Lab’s Experience Profiles™ and then providing the tools to amplify and scale that sense of belonging through social advocacy with InGo. 

Interested in leveraging the combined power of Experience Profiles™ and InGo for your event or community? Click here or, if you’re already an InGo customer, reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.

Belonging is critical to the success of a community and fostering that feeling can seem a herculean task. Experience Profiles™ have made the process of building belonging accessible, even for events with participants numbering in the tens of thousands. They’ve been leveraged to great success by groups like Google, NASA, and ASUG.

Here’s how it works. 

The Experience Profiles™ are often introduced at the very beginning of the attendee journey as an assessment. Participants answer a few questions about how they approach and enjoy experiences (tailored to the themes of the event) and are presented with a custom profile to spark conversation and guide them as they explore the event. 

Summary of The Seeker™, one of the five Experience Profiles™ (Source)

Their profile might share that they live to ideate and build, or that they may particularly benefit from roundtable discussions, or that they’re likely to get along best with attendees who identify with The Harmonizer profile.

While the Experience Profiles™ are an exceptional tool for activating an audience before and during an event, they also create a powerful opportunity to foster growth in a community. By leveraging the power of the Experience Profiles to delight audiences and InGo’s power to generate social advocacy, CEMA unlocked a powerful strategy for growth at this year’s Summit.

Using InGo, CEMA created campaigns that made it easy for attendees to instantly share their profile results to their social networks, announcing their excitement for the event and inviting others to join them. 

CEMA VP of Strategy and Operations Sandra Marcus shared that while planning the event this year, her team “embraced the idea that belonging was about individuals feeling connected to the overall community while still maintaining what was unique about themselves.” Through the partnership with Storycraft Lab and InGo, CEMA was able to amplify that value, giving the community a way to proudly share their identities and affirm their belonging at the event.

The response was staggering. In the months leading up to CEMA Summit, 70% of the event’s participants referred their network and shared the event, driving more than 20x the typical number of referrals and over 3,000 referral clicks to the event page. This year’s CEMA Summit was the largest in the organization’s history, totaling nearly 500 total registrants.

Through the powerful integration of Storycraft Lab’s Experience Profiles™ and the InGo platform, Sandra shared that CEMA was able to make visible “a part of the larger vision of how the CEMA community thrives. The image of birds flying in formation comes to mind, each individual and unique, yet connected to the whole.”

That combination was again leveraged at IMEX 2023, where IMEX gifted 10 Sensory Support Event Kits to the top 5 attendees whose posts drove the most traffic to the quiz. 

The campaign was an incredible success, driving 560 posts by IMEX attendees celebrating their Experience Profile™ and inviting their network to learn theirs. The results were nearly 6,600 referral clicks navigating back to the Experience Profiles™ Quiz.

InGo CEO Michael Barnett said of the campaign, “everyone who runs experiences has this incredibly valuable, rich opportunity to unlock that community by giving them a greater sense of belonging with Experience Profiles™ and the chance to bring their connections along.” In the CEMA Summit and IMEX campaigns, we saw the power of that opportunity truly leveraged, generating excitement for the events that was palpable.

An InGo post sharing the Experience Profile™ results (Source)

“Humans yearn to connect meaningfully with one another; they deeply desire to be shown by event organizers personalization that responds to their unique preferences. The Experience Profiles™, partnered with InGo, accelerates this process, ensuring that attendees turn up to the event having already begun their journey toward Belonging.” 

These two activations are only the beginning. The demonstrated power of The Experience Profiles™ and InGo to activate communities and enable them to grow has proven unstoppable. Through this new partnership with InGo and Storycraft LAB, that activating power is becoming available to experiences all over the world.

Interested in leveraging the power of belonging to grow your event and community through Experience Profiles™ and InGo? New customers can click here to schedule an informational session with our teams.


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