3 Ways to Run a Successful, Must-Attend Online VIP Event

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While much of the world is recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic still poses challenges for businesses, especially when it comes to event planning. Businesses have been forced to turn to the virtual stage as digital channels like Zoom make it more feasible to gather remotely.

While online gatherings dominate today’s contactless landscape, finding ways to generate interest for your event is more challenging than ever. Whether you’re hosting a product launch, business gathering, or investor pitch, it’s imperative to find engaging and interesting ways to attract VIPs to your online event.

So how can your business host exclusive gatherings and attract attendees? Keep reading for three tips to promote and run a successful online VIP event.

1. Go old school with physical invitations

Nothing feels more luxurious and engaging than opening a physical invitation, especially during this time when people are miles apart from each other. Taking the time to send out and personalize physical invites can spark interest in your event and make your invitees feel special. A physical invite could be a pleasant surprise and make your event stand out amid the noise of online marketing efforts everyone is exposed to 24/7. With today’s technology it’s easy to find a great and inexpensive graphic designer to work with to make your invites look great, stand out, and garner “yes” RSVPs.

2. Create an online VIP community

Sending out an eye-catching physical invite can boost your credibility and set your brand apart, but it’s important to maintain that momentum by providing a virtual space where your invitees can interact with your brand and each other. This is a great way for attendees to get to know your business, nurture networks, and build excitement for your upcoming online event.

3. Make it exclusive

If you’re focusing on VIPs for your online event, it’s important to make attendees feel like one. A VIP event can’t be exclusive if content and resources are accessible to the public, so it’s important to highlight the exclusivity of your event by producing content that your clients cannot find anywhere else and only they can access. For instance, inviting notable industry professionals as guest speakers can boost the panache of your event and incentivize people to join future events.


Online channels bridge the gap in today’s social distancing, making it easier to stay connected no matter the distance. Nonetheless, promoting events has always been a challenging undertaking, and it’s even trickier now that you’re limited to virtual events, small screens, and the distractions of working from home.

But online platforms don’t have to feel lackluster compared to physical events. So long as you find ways to make your event stand out, create exclusive content, and foster networks, you can draw attendees to your VIP online events, and keep them coming back.

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