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New InGo Demo Shows Advocate Marketing In Action

Boost every marketing and sales campaign with word-of-mouth marketing Arlington, VA/London, UK – (April 21, 2016) – InGo, the world’s leading social media Advocate Marketing company, announced today the release of its new demo to allow users to see the power of Advocate Marketing in action. This new demo, which takes less than one minute […]

The Advocate Effect: Money 20/20

The Advocate Effect: Money 20/20

We often get asked, “It’s easy to see how InGo can build attendance at free events, but does it really work for paid events?” The inaugural edition of The Advocate Effect answers that question emphatically in the affirmative, revealing the success that Money 20/20 achieved using an InGo Advocate Marketing campaign to increase attendance and […]

Who sells your event to your EXHIBITORS?

by Steve O’Keefe, InGo COOAfter I published my recent article, “Who sells your event?,”  I received calls from a few of InGo’s most successful customers. The theme was, “Nice article Steve, but you missed the most important part of the story.”  Not a little taken back, I asked what they meant.  “You focused strictly on […]

Who sells your event?

BEST PRACTICE IN ADVOCATE MARKETING by Stephen O’Keefe, COO, InGo Bill Lee, in his 2013 Harvard Business Review article, asks the seemingly obvious question “Who sells your products or services?”  Although most event organizers might answer “we do,” as Lee states and InGo heartily concurs, it is increasingly your customers (HBR, “How to Create True […]

Why Social Media Marketing Is Not Delivering on Its Promise: Part 3

by Sean Garvey, President, InGo Last week, in part 2 of the series, I talked about how the majority of marketers, both in the events industry and outside of it, feel frustrated and disappointed by the reality of trying to produce and measure the ROI of social media marketing. This week, I’d like to conclude […]

Why Social Media Marketing Is Not Delivering on Its Promise: Part 2

by Sean Garvey, InGo President Last week, I talked about innovations in marketing and the fact that social media seems like a marketer’s dream. This week, let’s drill down further into this promise, the reality of social media ROI and its perception among marketers.  In a 2013 study of 750 companies across a wide-spectrum of […]

Why Social Media Marketing Is Not Delivering on Its Promise: Part 1

By Sean Garvey, President, InGo In the long history of technological innovations that have impacted marketing, social media and the promise it holds seems to be unique. Never before have there been such massive expectations, coupled with a growing sense of under-performance on those expectations.   Earlier innovations, going as far back as the printing […]

Social Media Marketing With Fully Measurable Results

You’ve probably heard us say that InGo provides something that other social media marketing can’t: fully measurable results. Sure, most analytics track posts, views, clicks, etc., but how do you calculate ROI based on information about how many people may have seen a post about your event? Our award winning Advocate Marketing software not only […]

The Secret to Social Media Marketing is . . .

There’s no question that your audience is on social media.  Billions of people are already using social media and that number increases every day. And companies are responding; the fastest growing marketing budget item is social media. But the returns don’t seem to be there yet: only 21% of event marketers say their efforts on social […]

5 Ways to MOBILIZE ADVOCATES for Your Event [Infographic]

Growing an event is not easy, and in many ways it is getting more difficult. Traditional tools, like direct mail, email blasts and telemarketing, while never perfect, are struggling to provide even the results they used to. Good lists are hard to find, and the best lists are over-used. Social media seems to hold lots […]