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Why Social Media Marketing Is Not Delivering on Its Promise: Part 1

By Sean Garvey, President, InGo In the long history of technological innovations that have impacted marketing, social media and the promise it holds seems to be unique. Never before have there been such massive expectations, coupled with a growing sense of under-performance on those expectations.   Earlier innovations, going as far back as the printing […]

6 Tips for Using Instagram to Promote Your Event

This is a guest post written by Dean Ronnie at Conference Care. When it comes to social media for events, you probably already use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but are you using Instagram? If not, there’s no better time to start! Instagram is a great platform for promoting your event, building your brand identity, and […]

Event Marketing Mishaps that Drive Attendees Away

This is a guest post written by Kristen Carvalho of etouches.  As an event planner, you do so much more than just plan your events. You become a marketer, a website designer, a salesman and even a food tester, so sometimes it can be hard to do everything right. Things are going to fall to […]

Event Marketing on Pinterest

This is a guest post written by evvnt. Pinterest, the social network where users share content, links and products illustrated by attractive visuals, continues to be one of the most popular social media channels. Recent reports indicate that Pinterest is sending more referral traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter or Youtube. As with any […]